Simple, fast & type safe web applications

Flame is a PureScript frontend framework inspired by purescript-hedwig and Elm with focus on simplicity and performance. Featuring:

Quick start


npm install snabbdom snabbdom-to-html # the latter is used for server side rendering
bower install purescript-flame

Example counter app:

module App.Main where

import Prelude

import Effect (Effect)
import Flame (Html, QuerySelector(..))
-- Update strategy for side effects free functions; see docs for other strategies
import Flame.Application.NoEffects as FAN
import Flame.HTML.Element as HE
import Flame.HTML.Attribute as HA

-- | The model represents the state of the app
type Model = Int

-- | This datatype is used to signal events to `update`
data Message = Increment | Decrement

-- | Initial state of the app
init :: Model
init = 0

-- | `update` is called to handle events
update :: Model -> Message -> Model
update model = case _ of
        Increment -> model + 1
        Decrement -> model - 1

-- | `view` is called whenever the model is updated
view :: Model -> Html Message
view model = HE.main "main" [
        HE.button [HA.onClick Decrement] "-",
        HE.text $ show model,
        HE.button [HA.onClick Increment] "+"

-- | Mount the application on the given selector
main :: Effect Unit
main = FAN.mount_ (QuerySelector "main") {

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